J. Carl Chilton D.D.S

I have been a full-time user of Randy Donohoo’s Magna-Vu intraoral camera system for the last 15 years.  All restorative, crown and bridge, and endodontic procedures are performed on the screen with usually 15x magnification for all procedures.  I work directly off the screen only looking into the mouth for parts of the procedures that do not benefit from magnification.  By working off the screen it has eliminated the need for magnification with loops as much greater magnification can be accomplished with the camera system.

Also, there is a screen that is dedicated for use by my dental assistant so that person knows exactly what is happening during the procedures and can anticipate what I will need next from that person. Working directly from the screen has allowed me to operate with less stress on my neck and back as I can sit upright with much-improved posture positions. Also the ability to have magnification up to 25x has been extremely beneficial during endodontic procedures.   I have been practicing dentistry for 41 years and the Magna-Vu system has helped extend my dental career by allowing me not to suffer from neck and back pain.   This system also makes it very easy to capture still photos for insurance documentation mid-treatment.  We have also captured videos of procedures that have been used in some online marketing.

The system has been the most reliable equipment that I have owned during my 41 years of practice.  Since its installation 15 years ago it has never required any service of any type and has worked perfectly every day that it has been turned on.  This is a result of the great engineering and manufacturing with the best components available that is a hallmark of all of Randy’s specialized equipment.  I would not want to continue to practice dentistry if I could not use the Magna-Vu system.

J. Carl Chilton D.D.S

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