Check out MyOmniVu in action.

MyOmniVu is a high-definition video microscope and camera system.


"I cannot practice without MyOmniVu. This system has enhanced how I work and how long I can work. Every dentist should have MyOmniVu. Hands down, this system is a gamechanger."

Dr. David Little
Professionals in Dentistry

"Hands down the BEST dental camera I have ever used."

Noah Geld
Massad Learning Center

"Dentists coping with back, neck, or vision impairments that might otherwise limit their ability to perform dentistry at a high level of quality and ergonomic comfort, the new MyOmniVu procedure scopes offer an opportunity to continue practicing without a drop in quality of care!"

Dr. Larry Herwig

"The detail I can see when we are placing implants is impeccable."

Dr. Joseph J. Massad
Massad Learning Center
  • Dr. Little
  • Noah Geld
  • Dr. Larry Herwig
  • Dr. Massad


Randy Donahoo has over forty years of experience in the dental industry. His career with Patterson Dental Supply, Midco Dental/Central Handpiece Repair, and Ultrak gave him industry insights and a unique perspective. After working with dentists for several years and understanding their needs he developed a solution to enhance the longevity of their overall health and ability to grow their practice; a microscope camera.

Randy designed a camera system that helps dentist's overall physical health from their backs to their eyes. His camera allows dentists to sit up and view a patient's oral health from a safe, high-resolution perspective. Not only are dentists able to save their bodies from being hunched over all day, but they can provide an enhanced patient experience through crystal clear dental imagery. Randy believes in helping every dentist he meets through state-of-the-art equipment and a commitment to innivative excellence.

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