Dr. Larry Herwig

General Dentist, Dallas, Texas

Intraoral photography has been an integral part of my dental practice for over 35 years now.  In fact, for the past 15 years, I have exclusively used one of several versions of Randy Donahoo’s procedure scopes (MagnaVu 1 and MagnaVu 2?) that have exceeded all of my former expectations of clinical cameras.

Whether for patient education, insurance, and medical-legal documentation, clinical research, or dental lectures, the quality, and simplicity of use are unsurpassed with any of the other systems available in the market.

In addition to the incredible still photos and videos that can be saved and stored, the ability to work live in the patient’s mouth while directly viewing a TV or computer monitor allows a new level of precision with ease, due to the clear adjustable magnification, field of view, and depth of field beyond that of any loupes or microscopes I have seen.

The other most unique use of these procedures scopes that is quite difficult with many camera systems is capturing transilluminated fracture and craze lines in teeth to document “cracked tooth syndrome”.

Finally, for dentists coping with back, neck, or vision impairments that might otherwise limit their ability to perform dentistry at a high level of quality and ergonomic comfort, the new MyOmniVu procedure scopes offer an opportunity to continue practicing without a drop in quality of care!

Revolutionary is probably an understatement, but it does help describe my feelings about these incredible units!

A few examples of the scope’s quality:

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