Bob Leaman, LSU

Director of Continuing Dental Education, Louisana State University

I first met Randy Donahoo well over a decade ago when he visited LSU School of Dentistry to demonstrate the capabilities of his MyOmniView system. His demonstration at the dental school literally blew me away. For the first time, I saw a system that could make a high-resolution video recording of a dental procedure in the oral cavity for live or pre-recorded continuing education purposes. I also witnessed how the  MyOmniView system was used as a clinical tool for dentists and their dental assistants to perform a variety of dental procedures without the risk of straining their necks or backs.

At the time I first saw the capabilities of the MyOmniView system, I was not in a position to purchase one, but I never forgot Randy and the capabilities of this incredible system he invented. I believe it was during 2017 that I called Randy and told him I wanted him to do a demonstration for the director of our live dental implant surgery continuum. The demonstration went exactly as promised, and I purchased two MyOmniView systems from Randy.

During the live implant surgeries at this continuum, we had the system set up so that several observers could view the implant surgeries live on flat digital screens chairside, and also we had it set up so that a group of approximately twenty dentists could view the live surgeries on a large projection screen in an adjacent room. Attendees told us they had never seen anything like MyOmniView before and that it was a great learning tool.

Randy Donahoo delivered what he promised. I can categorically recommend him and his MyOmniView system to you and your organization.


Robert M. (Bob) Leaman

Director, Continuing Education

LSU School of Dentistry

New Orleans

(504) 458-6723

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